Our Mission is to eradicate teen suicide and aid in the assistance of depression and anxiety. We will be teaching people the importance of acknowledging and appreciating   their own individual core qualities. Its time to acknowledge and liberate our own greatness.


what is Self appreciation?

We as humans focus more on negative thoughts rather than positive. We think about our mistakes more than we think about our successes. Mindfulness and Mental Fitness help us change this. 


The neurological pathways in our brains carry messages. Because we think negative thoughts more often, the pathways that carry negative messages become super highways. Because we don't naturally practice thinking positively, those pathways are like narrow backroads. 


Research shows that by practising positive self talk and having more gratitude  we can expand those narrow backroads into super highways. Acknowledging what we each individually appreciate about ourselves helps the cognitive parts to our neuro pathways wire and fire positive behaviour and thoughts. Self appreciation is an integral part of healthy mental fitness and positive self reinforcement. 


500,000 Australians of all ages, cultures and socio-economic groups are suffering today, with depression and anxiety and this is growing rapidly on the daily. Of that, 64 per cent don't seek help. That means people are living in pain and suffering when they don't need to.  Self Appreciation is a platform to help every individual prevent from going down that path.  Our aim is to drop that 64 per cent, lower suicide rates and improving general wellness- appreciating oneself!

I am who I say I am.
— Prema Smith, Activist and Public Speaker

why september 14th?

On September the 21st is International World Peace Day. We believe before world peace, we need to have inner peace and before inner peace we need to just simply appreciate our own self worth and know what we appreciate about our selves.