The children of today are the foundations to a brighter future!


Since the dawn of time human beings have been a representation of their own social and educational conditioning. 

We are living in a world where technology and information is at the fore front of Humanity. We are over consumed with gadgets, electronic devices that actually distract our imagination and stop us from connecting to ourselves, on a deeper level.  The exploration of inner happiness and simplicity is becoming a distant reality, especially to the western world.

We are living in a world, where our own attention span is decreasing and we are requiring virtue media to gives us a sense of stimulation and belonging. Understanding the rapid increase of a quick fix, band aid solution and a universal curriculum for educational programming.

One of our projects is to target the children of the world. We want to empower self belief and self appreciation and allow a creative mental space for children of all ages to embrace their inner qualities. Our future is a reflection of we do in the present. The children of today are the foundations to a brighter future.

Our team will be running educational workshops and talks around the country teaching, students how important it is to understand the internal power of self appreciation. We have written a booklet with a step by step procedure to help teachers teach this in the classroom, its full of activities that each teacher around the country can have to use for their own creativity to make this work for them in their own classroom.


“The scalpel in the wrong hands can take a life, whilst the scalpel in the right hand can save one.”


Today’s society is overly consumed around social media and it has unfortunately, among most, a distasteful stigma surrounding it.

Being blamed for the breakdown of many relationships and social distraction, sadly it has been the cause of many teen suicides. As sad it is to think that social media has a big part to play in our social and internal welfare, it is also a brilliant aid towards the development of humanity with in itself.

It is a brilliant bridge for international connection, relationships and educational learning. It is a platform, that when used correctly has enhanced millions of individual lives as a leverage point to aid their own success. Social media sits on two sides of the spectrum each having equal credit to the argument.

We will be using social media to enhance and improve the negative stigma that surrounds Facebook Twitter Instagram. Our campaign will be requesting and encouraging millions of people from all around the world to post a one-minute video of what that individual appreciates about themselves. We want to help individuals encourage each other to ask the big question “What do you appreciate about yourself?” 

Encouraging this on social media will only create a positive movement through internal and external social groups.