What is Self Appreciation Day?


Self Appreciation Day is a day for the nation to liberate their own individual qualities and appreciate the finer parts of who they are.


When is Self Appreciation Day?

Self Appreciation Day is on September 14th


Join the changemakers today. Post your self appreciation video to social media and tag

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to eradicate teen suicide and aid in the assistance of depression and anxiety. We will be teaching people the importance of acknowledging and appreciating   their own individual core qualities. Its time to acknowledge and liberate our own greatness.

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Our vision

Our Vision is to take humanity to the next stage of evolution. Through the power of mindset, self-awareness and self-development. Self appreciation is the vital building block to mastering personal growth and helping humans reach their full potential.

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Self Appreciation Day aims to get people to appreciate the finer parts of themselves
— The Advocate